Still Kicking

Gateway Arch

St. Louis, Missouri. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow all locked in, west of the mississippi. Been some time since the road has opened up a new place. The momentum carries the day through to different horizons and by the time you realize it is happening, you see it pass on by, too far away to catch. When it’s over, when the journey is on a leash with only so much to do, when days are predictable or at least feel that way, it’s time to shake it up.

It’s bleak in November. The bridges over the river, the stone buildings on the shore, were usual urban fixtures. The big metal arch though, the Gateway Arch, brilliant. Known as the Gateway to the West, it brings up the subject of westward expansion as subtle as a 630 feet high and wide monument could. First sight, the river crossing appears doable by a strong free stroke swim. But after remembering that I had already made it over to the west side, there was little motivation to get wet just to walk on the east again. The east is where I am from, where I was born and raised. There is not much I can say against it or even go so far to agree that ‘the west is the best.’ At the same time it is not easy to dispute western claims to fame and desire. Sure California is going bankrupt and even goes to measures of an inarticulate legalization vote that failed. Mexico and the border states, the relationship is that of failed college roommates. The Northwest is full of enabling bum lifestyle settings. There are endless flat lands and the same with mountains and marvelous landscapes national park and wilderness alike. Boundless they say. But they say a lot that is either untrue or inexperienced. Being so vast a territory, who can believe they’ve seen it all. ‘See it yourself if you can.’ There is only so much time and spending it haggling over the minor details.

Still, there are only so many tomorrows to come and the longer the wait, the less likely a chance of finding the right sunset. I’m open to suggestions. There’s been some good experiences, nice places and so on. Not too worried, just anxious about the next adventure. I hope to take better photos as soon as that sunset is found. Until then…