The truth of the event is that it was all about protection.  When you hike, you MUST not tread lightly, and if you do, carry a big can of bear spray.  Hiking in Yellowstone has always been a pleasure for me because it encourages conversation.  It encourages people to act in a way that lets all living things know that you are alive.  Protection of cubs by a species that is not as numerous to be frivolous with offspring is expected when threats come about.They are everywhere and Yellowstone is not a zoo.  Tragedy is just around the corner in the wild lands.  BBC has a brilliantly shot documentary called Battle For Life and after watching it, you really do see no matter who you are that it is no easy place.  Yellowstone represents a reality that we often forget in the fast food convenience store type of existence.  We can all learn a little bit more by witnessing the actions of the wild and understand that a wild thing does not feel bad for itself at any point no matter how frozen it becomes.   Part1