Tools to get up

Someone recently said that their past was given to them as a tool.  That no matter how things were, a time will come when they will be able to take that tool and apply it to what comes.  Every person goes through rough times and some even hit rock bottom after achieving great feats in life.  For some this happens early and others at the twilight of their years in this world.  In between the low points and high is the climb.  Whether it be going up or down, the journey tests our very being to the core.  Hindsight may be the only way to determine when these moments actually occurred.  Every once in a while come those days when it is obvious where you are in the journey.  In the dark deep corners, isolated in the borderlands, and torn apart by a lonesome fear, the mountain top no longer in sight.  The only way to rise up or maintain a balanced composure is to take advantage of our relationships and experiences both good and bad.  There is always someone you may look to as an example.  When camaraderie feels far off and the lonesome fear becomes unmanageable, that is when the tools of the past become imperative.  The truth is that there will come a time when all feels hopeless and nobody is around in the immediate sense to provide comfort and support.  There are days when desperation is the only feeling and the horizon is beyond grasp that create a unbearable present with an unknown tomorrow.  What to do?  Face the music and keep moving forward because tomorrow will come and yesterday will fall further into memory.  Believe that and comprehend the tools you will possess.  For all reach points of despair and without an apprehension of this truth, the tools would never be and we would be left to suffer in an impossible world that we do not understand.  There is so much good to life and with each passing moment there is opportunity to lend a hand to others who have yet to make it through the storm.  And as the days go by to become history through the years, the only thing that will be remembered is what you have done to get back up off the ground and continue the climb into the boundless heavens. 

“We have an expression in prize fighting: ‘Everyone has a plan until they’ve been hit.’ Well my friend, youve just been hit. The getting up is up to you.”