Proof of life

How often is there a proof of life? We all go through tough circumstances from time to time and our dealings with them demonstrate our courage and vitality. Some battles cannot be won no matter how much effort we put into them. Even when defeat is certain, there is always some ground that can be gained to inspire those to fight with all their might in the future battles that come. Our resolve to continue on no matter the hardship is what life is all about. None of us would be here had it not been for those of the past who pressed on through the chaos of history. When all is said and done, people will remember.

So much is built upon the actions of those who did not live to see their dreams come true, yet we stand here today in testament to them. How do we show our gratitude? We must share our kindred spirits with all and carry on the goodness for as long as we breathe. In this sense we are connected from the beginning of time to this gift of life that has shaped our world and everything in it. There is no perfection. There has never been.

But with some people, it seems that with them we have come ever closer to understanding what it means to live life in the manner deserving of it. We try to improve ourselves through prayer and meditation, seeking support from the celestial accolades of a higher power. The evidence of things not seen has always been and will forever be ourselves.

We have each other. We have love. We are still here.

Far too often we fail to acknowledge this connection and hesitate to embrace what we have. Each day is a gift for every person and from cradle to grave we experience critical seconds that give meaning to our existence beyond that of standard comprehension. If we truly want an answer to the question, then we must also know why we seek it. There is joy in this world. Sadness, anger, fear, temptation, regret, and countless other emotions sprout forward on a daily basis, yet we still wonder if there is something more. That is only natural as a beginnings lead to endings and the not knowing is dreadful to any who appreciate a good story.

We may never have an answer. However, we do have something beyond describable significance that should dwarf any and all concern: life. Every breath, a scientific miracle, states the obvious: what we have is so precious, so unique, that there must be a reason. We shall never know why, nor should we really. The adventure of what comes after life should be no more dwelled upon than that which proceeded life. The difference is that one who has lived carries a spirit that can be passed on by those who were touched by its innocuous flame.

Providing light is the most magnificent capability imaginable. Many reach this point earlier than they would otherwise expect and hope for more time. We are all timeless when it comes down to it and as one generation rises and another falls, the great spirits persist to invigorate the best in us all. We can’t help but wonder what comes next. Nobody has figured it for certain yet.

We are still here though. We have today. We have. We.

Diatribe on our myths

What a surprise, we were disappointed. There is such sadness in a life waiting for the best possible outcome while avoiding everything else in its figurative wake. For all the time spent in front of a screen, we lose comprehension of what is real. We are all developing parasocial relationships with the Facebook and anxiety with the overload of information. We’ve all heard talk of simpler times when we met in a field for a pickup baseball game. It is all a myth.

We have climbed so far ahead of the curb that its projection is way off. And people are angry. The assumption is that someone is behind the curtains orchestrating our demise. According to abstract polls, some ninety percent of the U.S. population has lost faith in government. Maybe we are starting to realize that this democracy that has been embedded in our hearts is beyond our control and that the Republic has become misrepresented and misguided. It is not that simple.

The complexity is beyond the majority’s comprehension, beyond my comprehension. Fixing everything at once is a romantic dream and the myth of government leading the way to make this a reality is a silly childish expectation. No super-committee will save the day. We all have a part in this theatrical performance and forget our own ability to make things happen.

Our lives have become obscured in myriads of interconnectivity. How many email addresses, cell phone numbers, Twitters, Facebooks, blogs, and other screen names do we need? We are spending far too much time googling our experiences instead of coming up with something original. It is a bad script to a movie far too long and boring with no beginning or end. Thinking too much about it all is depressing.

Does that mean we should just ignore it and go about our ways? I may be wrong, but hoping the problems go away is insane. Still, one cannot solve it alone. There is a balance to it that is difficult to practice. Some have tried to simplify their lives and have succeeded from time to time. We need not overdo it though to the point of losing out on the benefits of our technological capabilities.

We do need to acknowledge the potential side effects and work to balance digital relationships with real face to face friendships. There are certain activities that cannot be effectively practiced through a computer or television. It is too easy to spend time in front of a screen with the many smartphones, laptops, ipads, and etceteras. So what do we do? Googling alternatives is but one of the many contradictions we have rationalized as a solution to our problems.

Are there any absolutes? My guess is no and to seek the magic bullet answer is to seek nothing at all. It is not all that bad. No need to get too excited, the sun will rise tomorrow. Another holiday will come. The myth of what it takes to be happy is not worth the time it takes to state it.

“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often […] we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” -JFK

Let’s think about it a little bit more than we do and then talk about it on a walk through the park.