Ready for Life

On any given morning, if you keep your eyes open and aware, you will see what others sleep through. "People will read again!"

All I knew was that I had to get moving. Time and time again it would hit me, but I’ve finally been knocked to the ground, and it took a couple hours; I recovered just enough to realize that I was done with the old silly lifestyle and ready. Ready for what? I was uncertain. I drove out of town, evicted, homeless, tongue tied, nervous. During the drive toward Cleveland it all come together and people were the answer. After a delightful weekend with old friends in Avon Lake, Ohio, I realized that I was ready for life. We sat around a fire, we talked of various stories and attempted to bring rhythm to a night devoid of bothersome worry. There were a couple spills and the beagle did get into some chips left on the ground, however, the only overall emotion was that of happiness and a thrill of the tomorrows to come. It truly was the big chill that I’d sought after for so many years and what came of it was not what I expected. After Sunday night, a decision was made, to stop performing life, and start living life. Now it looks like a lot of time needs to be made up, and the catching up is where I go. To the road…

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