A follow up return to address collapse

So much is owned from inventions to ideas. The stories of the past that have inspired us to act have become monopolized by entertainment and credit cards. Since so much time is spent trying to determine the original angles before becoming absorbed by some form of sponsorship or another, the person in conversation is left only with pop culture references. This is why the next project could involve a screenplay behind the rise of some form of universal apocalyptic scenario that has become difficult to address due to the increased defense expenditures in an attempt to prevent any unsettling event. The parallel to terrorism is obvious but with a forward twist and assumed conditions based upon some sort of greater force, the people maintain hope that security must never come before freedom. However, in the modern democracies of today and manipulation through the media, it only takes a message with an audience to really influence the decisions that lead to reality. In the late 1990s, the government did not know how to address terrorism and speculated whether it was a national security matter or simply a law enforcement responsibility. Failing to prevent an attack that struck a chord in all the population, law enforcement was combined with national security as a sort of total control of a world further slipping away from influence and change. Beyond the economy, the people have become dissatisfied with public servants who appear to be corrupt or in league with the controversial. Even though there are obvious needs that must be met by society’s response, the majority would prefer to not talk about it. The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging that there is one. Fight beyond that urge to forget that it took so long to finally realize that the world was not all good things, that there is evil in the world that will throw the balance off with violence. What does violence solve though? Is that the answer, to meet force with force and hope that the habits of a fighter end in defeat. It cannot be ignored though. The failure to addressing a problem will only deepen our problems and worsen our fears. Our attempts to put the responsibility in someone else’s hands has corrupted our own understanding of democracy and freedom. An election passes with apathetic bureaucrats and strategic fame seekers driving the momentum for addresses a clear and present danger. There is a film that has just been released onDemand with those who see the problem and urge on those addressing it to sincerely rise. Everyone must together stand and press forward. I imagine that it would all be a lot easier if we worked together.

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