“There’s guns across the river about to pound you”

“Billy, they don’t like you to be so free.” Anyone can talk the talk, that’s no surprise. Straw men make for easy self-rationalizations. Some points are irrefutable, like in geography. There is so much more though to consider when it comes to defining oneself in terms of what comes next after a major life event. Moments of clarity can come from any number of seemingly insignificant experiences, but when taken in context with the bigger picture can impact perception and understanding of all that one knows to be right and true. Many of these experiences go by with little notice. Far too often, the lesson is forgotten and old habits return. The measure of growth is found in the realization of meaning and its relationship to one’s purpose in life. Quick analysis determines what comes next. What are your immediate responsibilities? Do others depend upon you? After figuring those answers, you have to decide on what you want and how you can implement the positive changes into your life. It really is as simple as that.

Individuals have tremendous ability to make systematic changes. This evolution of the mind, this resolution to do things different, this belief, is unstoppable once it begins. Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus (No God Can Stop a Hungry Man). If you believe this, then wouldn’t you also agree that it is important to guarantee that what you are hungry for is actually what you want? After considering the mass of known information, what is it that is important after these tens of thousands of years of humanity? Is this too much? Perhaps. Imagine the possibilities that come from going after what many perceive to be out of reach. If it results in failure, then so be it. The failure will survive the test of time and will likely inspire others to reach for more when all else suggests that they should simply pursue ordinary success. It is a choice. If the decision is made to not go after what appears to be impossible, that is okay. Without a doubt, there is no absolute right when it comes to making a difference in this world. Whether it be one child or an entire community, people possess enormous potential to enhance other lives.

This is not an existential crisis. Simply take it as a line of thinking when managing new ideas or opportunities. So many have the freedom to do just about anything that comes to mind. What keeps progress from occurring is not a failure of timing, but a lack of willingness to do what needs to be done in order to move forward. Missing out on something is natural. We are not perfect. But, missing out multiple times is just plain laziness. We all suffer from the curse of modern civilization, specifically the convenience of all that we need. This total lack of required physical labor for our needs dulls our ability to achieve what we want. Acknowledging this fact is important when it comes to expectations. The best plans always consider assumptions and bias. Included in this ballpark of preparation is knowing the present environment. Things then become real easy to see. All that comes next is the commitment to put all these new concepts into action. Keep in mind the nature of this way of life. The differing quality to what is considered normal and accepted will likely threaten the establishment. Other’s will not get it and probably will strike back with all their might. Stand tall and proud, for you no longer operate within their context. They are but noise and your song is far more interesting than theirs.

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