Avon Lake

What does one day about the home town?  “We grew up together.”  High school, grade school, and all above and below.  Is it a city or town?  It is for sure a suburb, and from what I’ve heard, most of them are all the same.  A couple restaurants, some 100+ house neighborhoods no older than 20 years as the 1990-2000 years brought people out of their starter homes and into bigger living room homes with extra spaces that never get used.  Then came the housing crisis. Most people who bought their homes during those years were spared.  The group that attempted to emulate their example from 2001-2007 were up the creek without any savings.  Avon Lake, just like any other place is full of good people, full of great families, and full with the desire to live in peace.  In a middle to upper middle class town, there still are outlier problems with individuals who cannot handle themselves or selfish elderly who refuse to vote for school and library funding.  Yet that does not make it a bad town.  There are more than enough good people to make up for those who take individualistic behavior to the next level and revert only to themselves.  As a lake front town, there is but a small portion that is available to the public that many forget the lake is even there.  A relic of a house has been sitting empty for over a decade and longer than that was used only as storage and insignificant office space.  Tear it down, start something new and interesting, hopefully include many windows.

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