“best laid schemes of mice”


Departing on a Friday evening (7/27). Leaving Dayton early in the morning for St. Louis to see the gateway of the west and dinner in Kansas City before retiring in Manhattan, the one in Kansas (7/28). Maybe a few copies of Wild Harmony will become available at the Dusty Bookshelf. Off to Colorado (7/29) for three days with the Alaskan. Then on to Salt Lake City (8/1) to hop in the water and camp. Maybe drop a few books off to The King’s English Bookshop. Through Nevada (8/2) to Yosemite for a night checking out the stars. San Francisco follows for a few days. If good form still goes around and comes around, Wild Harmony will be placed on the shelves of City Lights.

Following San Fran, we will drive to Big Sur (8/6) to camp and then along State Route One to Ventura (8/7). Calico Cat Bookshop may consider adding Wild Harmony to their shelves if everyone plays their cards right.┬áLos Angeles (8/8) is still up in the air with set plans, but hopefully Joe Rogan will have some time to podcast. Then it’s Vegas (8/10) for some madness and a Wild Harmony event. Phoenix (8/11) has some promising bookstores and is the start of the eastward sprint to San Antonio (8/12). Exhaustion is likely to set in by the time we arrive in New Orleans for a two day stopover (8/13). Another event awaits on the sands of Myrtle Beach (8/17). TBD from there.

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Jack Kerouac wanted to take a straight shot across America. On the road tells of his journey westward when gas was 15 cents a gallon, which is $1.55/gal adjusted for 2012 inflation (map below drawn by Kerouac).