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The initial conditions of snow covered roads are treacherous. Just the other day, my truck slipped off the road and without any control was headed straight for a telephone pole. For some reason, instead of twisting the steering wheel back onto the road, I straightened the tires and expected to go straight on through, hopefully to the right of the pole and into a snow bank. It all occurred too quick to really know how what actually happened next. The truck must have hit some bump in a ditch and it bounced back onto the road. Thinking back, I remember sliding uncontrollably accepting the crash as if it had already taken place. The natural reaction would have been to correct course as soon as I started sliding. I don’t know if it was a conscious decision or not. All I know is that the truck bounced back onto the road and later in the day when I came back to the scene of what happened, the wind had covered up whatever had caused the miraculous save. It was cold and dark, so I didn’t bother digging through the snow. Maybe when the weather warms, I’ll be able to discover what it really was. It doesn’t matter though.

from Patch Adam's book, Gesundheit!

Waiting for something to happen is one of the toughest aspects of life. Whether it be a positive outcome or negative, the feeling is the same. The result of this waiting is too much thinking. The waiting game as it is often referred leads to anxiety along with a mixture of hope and despair. There is no way to predict exactly what will happen. Some days are characterized by evidence of all the good life has to offer with optimism. Others are not easy and drag on through pessimistic thoughts of how bad things can get. Most days have both ups and downs with variations of speed. There is no reason to let that ruin the present moment. Why spend so much time in the waiting room, when there are alternatives? It all depends on what the individual believes is the right course of action. The important thing is the decision to act. Even if the options are unclear, a choice must be made and fast or the waiting will go on forever. Or worse, the chance to make a difference will fade away. Nobody is damned. No matter how bad things seem, they are usually a little better than perceived. Keep a steady head, face the music, and continue on. As this habit of choosing to act grows, what was once an impossible situation now becomes realistically solvable. Thinking too much about it is recipe for inaction. Life is not meant to be spent waiting. Accepting what is out of one’s control is a vital choice to make and leads to further options on how to deal with whatever comes. So make it happen.

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