Conflicting points of view

Yesterday afternoon a large bison was spotted slumped over and likely dead. This morning after deciding that it was far too close to the road, a sled pulled by several rangers brought the nearly 2,000 pound beast to the roadside to be transported to a carcass deposit. Some visitors complained of removing a naturally occurring process from the environment, however it is most likely they were vexed that they would be unable to view the bears, wolves, coyotes, eagles, and numerous other scavengers that would descend upon in it in a great focal point for the photography. If the grizzly had come across the carcass before the ranger hauling team arrived, then their wish may have been granted. Instead the bloated bison sat undisturbed through the night and early morning. The misty 50 degree Fahrenheit morning made the prospect of pulling dead weight appealing and no coffee was needed. After the tractor carried the large mammal away and relieved the tension of a possible grizzly attack upon the roadside carcass, cars drove through with various facial expressions over what they were seeing.

An obvious local slowed down to where I was standing before they drove off and asked some quick questions that I was careful to answer. “Are you one of them protecting the wolves?” “Sir, I’m here to ensure the safety of those who use these roads.” “Where you from son?” “Cleveland, Ohio.” “And does that make you a conservative or liberal?” He asked this and looked deep into my eyes and without hesitation I avoided the expected confrontation that he was seeking with the ‘liberal’ answer. “I’m a logical citizen sir and if you need a label I’ll say moderate.” I was going to go further with a “but for the most part I think most of them are up the creek in their contradicting values…etc.” I did not feel the rationale for going into a political babble with an obvious western conservative so just smiled and gave him a thumbs up to drive through, even though I was told to hold traffic.

The outrageous confrontations are bound to continue before this 2012 election. I can only hope that cooler heads will prevail and that we do not descend into fatalistic pretenses over who will win. Either way the government will evolve, likely with a snails progress. What do you think?

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