The top of the mountain is bound to awe even the most traveled. The distant promontory brings forth an inspiration of the world and everything in it. You cannot capture its meaning with a photograph, nor can you effectively tell about it later to others. They have to see it to really understand it. What it is will be revealed when the time comes. It is such a foolish word to start a sentence with, however it is indescribable. Even those who reach those heights where they see it will mostly agree that it is better experienced with another person, preferably a friend.

Many prefer to travel alone and through experience have learned that others certainly can lengthen the day and limit the distance covered. The solitude found during a journey eventually gravitates toward a desire to share the experience with others, whether at a diner along the road in Iowa or a bar in Ohio. When one adds another to the journey, when two individuals share in an experience, there is less a drive to seek feedback from those who were not there. Sharing great moments enhances the moments and therefore trumps the solitary adventures. Walking into unknown territory amongst friends and those you trust is not only more enjoyable, but highly recommended by all reasonable people, especially those who have in the past had to go on search and rescues for those who hurt themselves or became lost.

The wilderness, like life, is not easy and to go at it alone you risk all the positive reinforcement along the way. Loners are bound to go mad and lose themselves at some point. That does not mean you should surround yourself with people for the sake of surrounding yourself, or to feel popular due to the many text messages you receive each day or the social dynamics of Facebook. You surround yourself by those who enhance your life (hopefully it is mutual).  Let that friend in and move forward. Experience the world together and in time enhance the world around you. It all starts when you know it starts. Build real friendships with foundation and diction. Conversations about the past are good every so often, but hope for the present and future are likely of greater benefit. Come on along in if you please, for the door will only be open for so long before the wind slams it shut. I’m certain that it will open again, but not sure when.

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