FURTHUR Yellowstone High

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming parts of Montana and Idaho is the world’s first national park. The idea was about setting aside the area as a pleasure ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people. All the people and not a select few. The entire world visits the Park and witnesses the beauty of America and the purity that still exists. The land embraces the gift and deserves to be treated as such beyond that of a tourist destination. Yellowstone is a vast spectacular example of the great territory of the USA.

In 2010, 3,640,184 people visited, breaking the previous year’s record. Politicians in the government favor cutting spending, however lose sight of the importance of maintaining the land. The grizzly bears are out and about with less rangers to prevent encroachment from visiting fools and motorcycles will speed through fearless of the limited law enforcement. With good fortune, all will be safe within the boundaries of Yellowstone, however dangerous behavior is bound to inundate the protectors of the Park with accidents. Ambulances will not be able to reach people in time due to increased traffic resulting from “wildlife jams.” Hopefully the Park karma is good this year and all will be well. The struggle begins as the volume of visitors doubles from May to June and again into July and August.

Caution to visitors: don’t do anything stupid and please stop littering.

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