Grizzly bear attack

The news is bent on sensationalism whenever something out of the ordinary occurs. A few nights ago, a man from Michigan was dragged from his tent and eaten. Two others were also bitten by a sow grizzly in a campsite just outside the Park. The sow has three cubs with her and since the incident was captured and her fate is to be determined by a DNA test. If positive she will be killed and her cubs too if there is a possibility they participated in the attack. It is sad for all involved. The news makes it sound as if the grizzly are on a rampage through the Park in herds looking for the next human they find. First of all, the main food source for bears is not meat but a variety of plants and berries. Second of all, they put the number of grizzlies far higher than their actual numbers. The behavior of that sow that led to the killing is rare. We still do not know why it happened, but in a likelihood, she had found human food or was fed in the preceding days. Cooke City, the nearest town to the camp, is renowned for people feeding wildlife, and although blame cannot be put upon them or the Forest Service, they still have been breaking rules of common sense for years. The bears were here long before them. Nobody forced the man from Michigan to camp where he did. We need to develop greater respect for this part of the country when it comes to terrain and wildlife. Too many have died over the years by acts of ignorance and stupidity. Nothing has changed after this deadly bear attack. The rules are still the same and the treatment of the wildlife will remain at status quo. Let it be a wake up call for all the fools who think it is ok to approach the wildlife and feed them to get a good photo. Let it be a lesson and let us not forget the awesome power of the grizzly bear.

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