The mastermind behind violence against those of the free world was eliminated over a week ago.  Since then, most of the world has celebrated.  The Bloomberg magazine had the face of the terrorist on the cover as well as many other magazines in recent days.  Bloomberg’s article is worth the read, Al-Qaeda’s Leader Lost Because He Was Wrong. It shows not that America beat him at the end of the day due to our military might, but due to our American will to pursue happiness in a world full of hatred and fear.  Read the article for further words about the subject.

We must move on, away from them and focus more on us.  We have the power to influence so much good within our own society, yet we choose to focus so many energies outward, as if we were diluting our own truth and meaning with a contrast to the dreads of the rest of the world.  So what do we do?  Only the individual knows for certain as our society has pressed for so long especially in the most recent college graduate generation that we can all do anything we dream of.  They forgot to stress the eccentric quantity of work and time that it requires to achieve great feats.  They forgot to humble us as to the realities of this world with the advanced American citizenship that we were born into.  They forgot the important lessons and instead showered us with the self-esteem building preschools and little league sports that made the average athlete feel like he or she could be an NBA star, as long as they tried hard.  Today, our generation has more ACL rehab professionals for non-professional athletes.  We are banging our heads together in eighth grade football because we see movies of glory and imagine a college scholarship or even NFL career in which everything is easier.  It only gets harder.  It only gets more complicated.  We dream of a world in which we finish the college experience that is jokingly referred to as a higher education program, and expect it to be easier after.  We expect to get that job offer right out of college, and if it does not come, then “oh, no what am I going to do?” We give up so fast on what we want to do, faster than any generation before us.  We will not survive if this continues.  We lose sight of so much so soon.  The lessons of self-esteem start to tear the very fabric of our optimism and all we do is settle.  Settle for less.  Less excitement.  Less ingenuity.  Less freedom.  Less happiness.

There is no excuse for this.

The world is far more complex than ever, yet that has never stopped us.  America’s society embraced the rapid change of the 20th century and became an amazing symbol of human ingenuity and prosperity.  The 21st century is here, over a decade into it, and it does not appear we have caught on yet.  Let’s do it again.  Let’s do it better.  Forget that stable job, unless that is all you want.  Find what will not only provide for you and yours, but provide for all a better world.  Life is much more than the weekend parties.  Break’s over!  It’ll be one wild ride and the stories that we’ll be able to tell fifty years from now will trump any previous generations.  It’s our choice.  Now, go forward.  Be happy and we will win yet again.

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