How do you want?

Lift-off is delayed, the launch postponed, still in Ohio until the weekend’s end.  Technical difficulties never abate.  Ease is not part of the game.  Answers are certainly vague at best with clarity at sporadic parts of the day, often forgotten.  Instead of a big dipper trajectory, the journey west will instead be a straight shot toward Yellowstone.  No problem at all if you know how you want it to go, how you want it to be, how you want it as, or how you want it after.  What you want changes almost every minute with goals lasting slightly longer.  There are so many whats out there and the hows are usually more interesting.  Finding how you want it is far more doable and maneuverable so there you go.

Ohio is a good base.  Fortune, however, has not cast as much upbeat karma upon the heart of it all over the past thirty years.  Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, and some others in no particular order have had their ups and downs.  Ohioans leave the state every year claiming to never return, but they will come back.  Living in the desert, in the Deep South, in ultra-urban cities, in California, and in some other places are fine, but not for all time.  The heat, the lack of fresh water, the season-less years, the stench of overpopulation, and pricey accommodations are bound to decrease desirability.  Keep it a secret though in case the land runs out due to the droves of profiteering vagabonds.  Do not forget that Ohio is a border state that must be wary of the conspiring Canadians and speed boat smugglers.  Over the next thirty years Ohio will need defense over encroaching coercion.  Returning Ohioans will bring with them experience, creativity, spontaneity, energy, and love only possible from years seeing the rest of the world.  We’ll see how it goes…

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