I heard ten thousand whisperin’ and nobody listenin’

Looks like heaven. Load the elephant gun with buckshot and hunt down those who would steal everything of value from you. Chew through the nonsense and deteriorating system to understand a new way to live with each other in Wild Harmony as incarnates, the one’s who save all souls and keep the balance moving forward along the lines of common knowledge and innovative thoughts. You understand? Thirty days cut in half was and is an achievement of discipline and forward motion. Seek those who inspire action for leadership or at least mentorship in this world we hardly have enough time to truly realize and experience. No one person will ever experience all that another has. Sure there’ll be similarities, which will seem as if you both have been through the same thing. The reality never matches the description of the event.

Sharing what you know or have seen with another person is nearly impossible. Only in emergencies do people truly work together with the best of all their talents. I guess that also happens when people go and work for a corporation. Maybe that’s the attraction? Knowing that what you do during the day is more than just another day of work. The danger there is the blurred line between personal life and work life. Corporations do not intentionally demand their employees promote an ethic of growth. Universal access to e-mail and text messages gives just about anyone with opposable thumbs the ability to make decisions on the go. No longer are the days of exchanging correspondence and memos to announce meetings on other company updates.

Today, every corporate employee opens up his or her e-mail in the morning to find at least 42 messages, some important, most not. The very action of looking through all the spam dominates the attention of millions of people every day. The idea is that it saves time and secretarial duties. The actual effect does not follow this strange goal. People are cut off from each other more than ever. Cellular signals dominate the airspace to the point of hardly ever finding a street with people mingling around in conversation. We have instant updates on the lives of hundreds around us. We even know about the vaguest acquaintances and then somehow manage to feel self-righteous about typing “happy birthday” in a little box within a page of other meaningless information.

We no longer make house calls. We have no idea how to meet in person without having a cell phone in our pocket ready to distract us at the first moment of irrelevant news. This comedy is getting boring and heading down a path with less favorable views and opportunity. Corporations will continue to sell us the most amazing toys, which will then inadvertently cause us to spend more money than we make, creating a generation of indentured servants. They say that after you pay $50,000 over the course of ten years, that you may then begin to collect all of your salary. These ‘theys’ need to be rooted out and destroyed from our cosmic psyche. The term ‘incarnate’ is simply a way to describe the ideal mindset of the modern day philosopher king. Here are the facts: around seven billion people rise and fall each day to live within their dwelling and consume water and other calories to sustain their personal habits. The world has gotten to the point in which thirty percent of habitants consume seventy percent of the resources.

The American dream is and has always been in flux. The constant affirmation with each new generation of young thrill seekers is to demand change and reconcile with mistakes. Very often, change is demanded, but reconciliation remains far off. Building wealth and the definition of success on the foundation of large houses and 401k retirement plans is bound to lead to utter devestation for most of the planet. There is not enough to go around for everyone. Insurance only works when money is paid out over time, never in one big installment. The numbers do not work with the old way of perceiving what way of life is best for the times. The incarnate generation have grown up with technological advances that topped previous millennia. Instead of collectively learning, personal computers dominated the norm and left the physical activity to CYO basketball tournaments. Access to these toys has opened young minds to the miraculous diversity of experiences and lifestyles.

Tolerance is a word this generation does not understand because everything was out in the open at the beginning. The dark habits of the past still exist and persist because many of these malleable nubile minds had the channel on ‘Jesus is Lord’ and limited conversational ability of their missionary parents. People have always met impossible situations with unrealistic solutions. Batman succeeded by causing the Joker’s arrest, but that only led to greater insanity by the criminal minds. Religions indoctrinate the masses to pacify their inner-ape, but then hypocrites take control and cause the suffering and confusion of open minds. If the Lord is your shepherd, why is it so unacceptable to ask if there is anything that could make the whole journey better? Happier? Simplifying the complex is a natural habit leading to the spread of knowledge.

Time goes on regardless of short-cuts and there are no checkpoints along the adventure of life. Open invitations are in short supply when it comes to the bus to figuring how the American system operates. There are those who know and don’t care. Then, there are those who care, but don’t know. An honest person of basic logic would immediately guide these people together in order to get the best of both worlds. Unification is impossible without some changes mandated by the opposing force. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction to offset the minuscule change in the cosmos. The action of one person very often does not lead to excitement.

Together in teams, people have the capacity to achieve some of the greatest human feats. Only alone does one possess the ability to know thyself. When the stars align with the game, the world appears so much more exciting, highly worthy of improvement, and desperately in need of people who know how to learn from mistakes and stay teachable into the twilight of their life. The world is unforgiving with absolutely no sign of human values or religion. Society does not need any more logistical support. It is time now for divergent thinking that may be more costly, but could lead to a better engine for a successful and sustainable life. Large rocks remain dry in the center no matter how long they sit upon the ocean floor.

People are people. They are not condensable into any form or definition. The meaning of life comes up far too often in deep thought. Any effort for further research and thinking outside the box is a step in the right direction. The path is long and indefinite. Hikers are recommended to travel in groups when heading through the backcountry and to let the rangers know when they head in and when they head out. Simple precautions always prevent some fatal accidents. Together, hikers are able to sustain their own efforts and even be of service to those who foolishly trek the journey alone. Some have brought up the 100th monkey effect, which basically says that after 100 monkeys within a specie learn how to do something, then it will magically spread to the rest of them. They have studies from strange experiments to support this theory. Applying it to human behavior is easy, especially when it comes to the new way of learning things through the internet social forums.

Personal life interjects throughout the entire process. Work life now extends to personal life with all the available information and vacation 2009 album out in the open for all to see. Once a year, after the first year, corporate bosses distribute two-weeks paid vacation to thousands of employees who have committed 40 hours a week, plus many unpaid overtime hours, and sacrificed their dreams to develop overrated hobbies. These 14 days can be life changing. Or they might be disguised as reboot corporate time with blackberries on the beaches. Years fly by quick as one generation becomes older and a new generation enters the peak performance. Spikes and outliers never follow the relatable trends and rarely over-think their ability to think.

Rank, glory, recognition, these and a great many other rewards flank those who rise above everyone else. After twisting many wigs in the forgotten audience, some people take a moment to look around at each other into the depths of their soul’s desire to be the center of the universe. Existence is a subject with incredible ability to grow and this includes the practice of coming up with new ideas. Five hundred and sixty trillion is a ridiculously large number we can barely understand. If in truth, it is small in comparison to the whole, then we must accept that we do not know, nor will be ever know. Our only recourse and option for self-improvement is to trust each other with love. The collective knowledge of humanity is some freaky shit. Like a stubbed toe, it is easy to let a relatively small event cause a stir, which may even result in the body shutting down. Overfixation upon the best of the best neglects the lessons of mistakes and this is where the incarnate generation differs.

We have seen or have the ability to see more than any other in recent memory and must develop a particular set of skills: acceptance of subjectivity, interest in being interested, love of the sinner and understanding of the sin. Too many drive off in disgust whenever misfortune meets opportunity and blame circumstance for the loss. The image of the American dream takes on several nostalgic scenarios and includes contemporary visions of a better world. There are several options, all realistic, and each should be considered along the game of life to see if it is the proper fit. Some perfect matches do exist, but there is not enough time for all pieces to fit together within some planned out puzzle. Visions of true romance clutter expectations. Still these unrealistic goals are exactly what the world needs to explore the endless possibilities of humanity. The future belongs to those who will make the best of it and advance our civilization to the point of self-sustaining harmony.

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