Is money real?

Hoping for the best is natural.

Not preparing for the worst is foolish and immoral. Cautious optimism is one way to play it. The only requirement should be for everyone to at least think about it and exercise some foresight. We have that freedom and ability to choose to change when we discover something not working. The act of changing is a little harder, yet it becomes possible as soon as we acknowledge what is going on. We all have a different pace after that point. What is the goal here? Is it to simply ease the status quo to ensure productivity and enjoyment of life? We are more than that, so much more. Life has value and our cultural influences help us to better define the course it takes. However, life in all its unlimited potential is not condensable no matter how hard we try to figure it out. I’ve heard of predispositions and agree they’re real, yet I do not accept predeterminations. We all have tendencies and these are changeable. This concept of being stuck is unappealing and not worth the time it takes to consider. Epigenetic influence is what happens to one in life. Even in those good moments of believing in something greater than yourself, it is important to remain on guard. We are taught at a young age of leaders in democracy who bring the best of ideas to the table and help make the world a better place. As we grow older, this becomes less and less realistic. Far too often though, we dismiss the whole system and go about our lives ignoring the real problem.

Today we have politicians arguing amongst each other over trifling matters in an attempt to win over the masses with their way of speaking. These politicians and other people in power assume in their philosophies that we have infinite resources. They speak in confusing terms about how to spend money. In any analysis, we come to see elite interests guiding their actions as soon as they take the wheel. Politicians end up like any item we’d buy at the store believing they’re the best due to the advertising in media. The truth is that companies spend more money advertising than they do on actually producing the items they sell. We think this is normal and even by our first birthday get used to a world in which arbitrary gifts are provided to induce happiness. How much do you think it costs to produce a politician? Factor in education, food, shelter, and overall care, it must be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Seems like a lot, but when it comes to the self-promotion they must all go through, millions and even billions of dollars are spent on endless advertisement promising the world. There is a huge difference between the monetary vote and the signs outside the bars of the White House fence. The media throws in other distractions disguised as so-called entertainment. We continue on as wage slaves assuming things all work out in a democracy, in our system of freedom. While we pay attention to what the powers that be make us believe as important, they sit on their opulent thrones and collect ridiculous paychecks of our spent time. Those people are many and really are not to blame for they only exist due to the current system and we allow them to take advantage of us because there does not seem to be an alternative.

Theorists mocked as utopianists tell of worlds without money, where all are equal.  Is this impossible? All the debt in the world is proof of a flawed model for civilization. Must the world go bankrupt? Is freedom worth it if only a few really have it, or would it be better if freedom were redefined as a logical order of things based upon scientific reality? Incentive is often referenced whenever new systems are mentioned. Well, what is the incentive now for a politician or others in power to change things for the benefit of all? Are we to assume they are self-less individuals? How can we possibly believe in this farce? Politicians are just like any other person on this planet. They wake, do whatever they have to that day to get by, and then go to bed hoping they did a good job. They can only do the best with what they have and are compelled to appeal to the few who have the wealth, the most to lose. There are not many lobbyist groups advocating for those without much to lose. What do the poor have to lose? What do the youth have to lose? Life. I think everyone agrees, life is more important than anything else.

We can’t all drive a Maserati that does 185. Resources are limited. Miracles, magic, do indeed exist, but only to the extent allowed or believed by the individual. Love is one of these things. Thinking about it all can get you down, but that is just another attribute of the system. It is not too complex to change or too broken to replace. We’ve done it before, we can do it again. Remember, the intention is to enhance our ability to change and that begins with acknowledging the problem. What’s next is anyone’s guess, but things do get better when we make a decision to make it so. Thinking about it all is necessary to develop solutions, alternatives to the system, or simply actions which lead you down a better course. The information is out there already. The people are there too waiting to hear new ideas. Regardless, think about it and what you believe to be right. Think twice to be sure it is your own voice shaping your mind and not that of the media or overwhelming cultural influences. Give it all a fair share for consideration, but in the end, make up your own mind.

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