Just a breath away

“A hipster would never admit that they are a hipster,” said someone who knows what they’re talking about. The lack of imagination in this day in age must also play in context with the ridiculously creative imaginations that are churning out idea after idea. There are more people playing the game than ever before. And when this happens, there’s a greater chance of disillusionment in the statistics of turning an idea into a successful concept. Most of the bases have been covered, nearly all the mountains have been climbed. Regardless of the original idea that hangs in the balance of our imagination, it is likely that someone somewhere else has taken that idea and put it to use, most of the time not very well. The other day, I sat around with a few others on a brick laid patio in Columbus talking of potential business ideas. One person mentioned an idea of starting a website that only sold black socks and then allowing that to take off like any other web start-up. Sure enough, there’s already a justblacksocks.com out of the UK (there’s also, interestingly enough, a subscription service for socks on another website). Whether or not this is coincidence is up for debate, but the point is that just a little idea with so much enthusiasm loses most of its steam as soon as it is learned that someone else is doing it. Originality may not even be possible in this day and age. Unless we look at it differently, there’ll continue to be growth in the field of hipsterdom.

One of the local gas stations just sold $900 worth of lottery tickets from one buyer. Now this person may have been purchasing for a group of people, but that only adds to my point. Again the lottery is above half a billion dollars and the news shows stock footage of the previous big drawing about six months ago. The mere act of purchasing a lotto ticket, which of course I did, is hinged upon that idea of what your life would be like after winning. “I would do this or I would do that” conversation could go on all day with the many stating they’ll give it to charity in an attempt to improve their karma and lead them toward a deserving win. The odds are not worth going into because far too many of our decisions these days are based upon bad odds. One act in particular stands out and it is the drive for financial security. Of course this has been mentioned before here or on OpenDoorRapport but it remains a thought provoking point. How many ideas are given up on because they do not follow a trend or because they do not seem to have a high probability of working out?

Fear of moving forward without guarantees drives modern civilization. We demand guarantees on just about every product and dismiss those that do not pay off. However, we also seek lifestyles that guarantee security in the form of health insurance and a steady paycheck. There is no harm in this, but it can be crippling to the imaginative spirit. Most creativity involves a level of destruction and failure. These risks can be the result of undertaking a business idea, a documentary project, a fundraiser for charity, a political campaign, and even reaching out to new circles of people. A far greater risk is becoming a product that is traded on the company floor (and it already may be too late if you look into some of the tactics of political strategists that assigned likelihood numbers to every single potential voter). Although it may be necessary to get from one place to the next and a much better option than many other people have in this world. What’s paramount is to not remain in this state for long periods of time due to the possibility of creativity being drowned out by the security these companies provide. Some of the most successful projects in history have started with just a whisper and grew into a raging storm of accomplishment. In between though, there had to be a point in which the decision to move forward was just a breath away. This can come in the form of simple encouragement, however gurus and sponsors are always quicker to provide that additional confidence. As quickly as something can turn toward greatness, it can very easily turn toward defeat and abandonment. Keep in mind that it took 39 failed variations of water displacement chemical mixtures before they settled with WD-40.

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