Kindness and gentleness

We are not machines, we are people. Higgs boson is sometimes too complex for any person to fully understand. While so many see this discovery as further proof of our control over destiny and cosmic understanding, others point out that we are not getting any closer to figuring out why things are the way they are and that we are almost always better off, accepting what we believe as the best it is going to be. What do we believe? First off, there is hardly ever a “we believe.” Individually, we coexist with those who do not believe exactly what we believe. Who cares? Why must there be competition between beliefs. Secondly, is it even possible to prove a belief? Science and religion will always be with us because they serve as the balance to our comprehension of existence. Neither will ever fill the void of not knowing purpose or reasons, nor should they. People nearly always benefit from believing that they need more information, more assistance, and greater attention to self-improvement.

Systems thinking is not all that different from mechanistic thinking, however the big point emphasized is the individual’s ability to see the whole board rather than focusing on small inter-working parts. The world is complex and hard. And our instinctual makeup leads us to over-analyze the negative, sometimes even overbearing upon our optimistic thinking of the world. When a loved one dies, there is nothing that can lessen the pain. When we meet ten people, with nine smiling and shaking hands, but the tenth giving a dirty look and avoiding the handshake, we will definitely remember the tenth. Maybe it is simply a variation in what is expected. Still, it will dominate the other nine and ruin the happiness paradigm that should have been achieved from their positivism. Hoping everything will turn out the way we expected it is okay, but expecting the expected is bound to lead to trouble. And when we lose something, when we fail, it becomes incredibly easy to blame someone else and build up our anger to the boiling point. So much suffering comes from people believing they have less, blaming those who they believe to have more. This system is in trouble. Shootings, fraud, negativity, hate, debt, politicians, fear, and sadness. This system is so much more. Love, progress, innovation, happiness, adventure, nature, freedom, music, and people who know how to bring it all together.

Manipulate the world to be as great as it can be. That’s pretty simple. Yes. The world is easy to conceive of as complex and too large to save. However, if we apprehend our collective power and influence, then we can easily figure out means to improving the world for each other. All it takes is small individual moves in unison. Wild Harmony heads out next week for Dayton, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, and beyond. Help support a few hundred miles of the Tour. The impossible keeps getting further away to more we all work together. Peace.

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