Making a move

There are root causes for every situation and several lifetimes could be spent dwelling upon how you got to that point: some mistakes and obvious bad choices, “should have brought a map” sort of thinking. Even worse would be to blame some other person or force that led to your predicament. You are the one who is stuck and must find a way out. Most likely it will eventually come down to blaming yourself and seeing the regrettable faults. Think, think, think all you like. Until you act, not much will happen.

Getting up off the ground is not always graceful, nor does it feel that great.  Look at how many times a child will fall again and again walking their first few steps. It can be that way with getting up after being beaten down Rocky Balboa style. Sometimes you have to learn how to walk all over again. You will need help and doing it all on your own is not the recommended way, unless you are ready to fall over and over again. If so, prepare the gauze and icepacks because on your own will not be pleasant. So, you get up, make a break for it, walking first, then running, then out of breath wondering if you will fall again, keep going. Find those who will help you, surround yourself with their might. Giving up is no longer an option. Take another breath, another step, make it another minute, live, live, and live some more.

So you got the tools? You know what it will take? Fed up with the waiting, you are ready to take the next step. Made a decision? Go! Take it! Jump! Run!

Make it happen.

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