Making plans

“It’s okay to make plans.  Plans are great.  Do not plan for an outcome though.  Consider the plan and whether it results in success or failure, accept it.  If it is meant to be, it will be.” –T.D.

It doesn’t take much to set yourself up for disappointment.  The first thing that happens is an overall confidence buzz kill due to unrealistic expectations.  Freewheeling can be tricky, but when done correctly with continuous self-evaluation, tends to pay off majestically.  The modern age is full of those seeking instant gratification with fulfillment a long way off.  The past, present, future, are different in more ways than one.  Thinking about them all at once is recipe for madness.  Regret or satisfaction about the past, anger or happiness about the present, fear or anticipation about the future.

Some days are better than others, but the fact is that almost all control is out of our hands.  Trying to hold onto it, thinking it will all work according to plan leads to disappointment.  This does not mean you should set the bar low.  Reach for the stars on as many occasions as possible.  Those who have achieved the perceived impossible feats did not do so effortlessly.  Most great achievements come after many failures.  If the people who went after their dreams expected doubtless results, they most likely would have given up after their second or third attempt.  Eventually it works out and then things start to look a little better.

Take another moment and enjoy a view of the stars.  It is all too vast to sincerely comprehend.  Grasping individual purpose between the earth and heavens is and has been a constant struggle ever since people gained insight.  There is nothing new with this concept and for the rest of existence, the questions will be asked.  So, after another look into it all, breathe lightly and consider the fact, that it will not all come at once.  Once, twice, and a dozen more times, check yourself.  Plans may work out.  They may not.  Regardless of how events play out, accept it and move forward.  Never allow yourself to become stuck in the muck.

The stories of what happens are interesting, but the motive behind their circumstances are always far more interesting.  Sharing what happened is not as useful to another as complementing those stories with the how and why.  Inspiration comes from this steady progression of the inception of a plan to its eventual outcome, not simply the outcome.  So much time is wasted looking to people who are at their best without consideration of how and why they ended up at the top of their game.  It’s like climbing a mountain or any other distant travel.  The journey is what it is all about and where the lessons are to be gained.  With a little further research into these things, we’ll all be a little better off in the long run.  Seriously, check out those stars.  Sunsets are pretty awesome too.

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