Mission Statement

A book is near. The book will not be that thick, nor will it contain all of the details. The point will be made and just to be clear, I’ll outline it here and include it in the preface which is the part of the book that does not have page numbers, but instead has the little roman numerals. The purpose for writing the book is to give friends and family the ability to see the big picture of the story and know.

“There are so many awesome people on this planet.” This was said by the service station manager who I buy my energy drinks from. The point is further reinforced on a daily routine if you pay attention to the details. Many young people are graduating college these days and finding unemployment as their reward after finishing years of seemingly over the top study of expensive manuscripts. The university is destroying us all one tuition statement at a time and must be abolished (or at least reformed). There is so much more education found through experience and nearly everyone agrees that what they learned in school did not adequately prepare them for the “real world.” (Before I continue, I must argue my point that we should cease the use of the phrase “real world.” Not only is the MTV show enough of a reason why the pointless terminology be terminated, but it makes a mockery of whatever it is used to make an allusion to. I only use it because school is an allusion, not an illusion of grandeur as many university presidents making millions of dollar state.)

The book is about an unexpected journey that revealed a shockload of truth. Every once in a while opportunities knock on your door. These days, you must get rid of your doors and take perception to the next level. The core of our existence is at stake and we must not wait for life. A new way of going about achieving what you want is required if you expect to succeed. There are more people than jobs and not enough seats and the dinner table. This was bound to happen and the fact that we were not prepared for its consequences is enough proof that the way things are done is not correct and needs some changing. The president promised change, but in reality was just a political strategy in a billion dollar campaign. Still, the point was good enough to attain victory. After a couple years at the helm, very little has changed. The government is not easy. We can change much faster then them and must if we are to survive. I’m not going to detail all of the troubles out there due to the fact that there are just too many and I’m in a good mood this morning listening to Tiny Dancer and drinking a fine cup of coffee. We have the abilities to achieve basically anything we dream of. Individually we see how difficult it is to succeed, and far too many people give up before the day is up. Seriously? You aren’t even going to try? Circumstance dictates most of our lives and is not negotiable. You get pregnant. Your best friend dies. A lightening bolt disables your feet. War comes to your door. You fall in love. Other than that, you can do anything you want. Let what you want be great. Life is far more enjoyable when you reach the mountain peaks and gaze upon the greatest of lands. We have the chance to turn it all around and save ourselves from the fate of inaction.

Through a tale of adventure and taking advantage of rare opportunities, the book will contain ideas on how to better live so that happiness is maximized. And most of all, it should convince you of the necessity to change. Expected to be available for all by Christmas 2011.

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