Nine years

Nine years now, nine Septembers and no real attack has come again. Was it a onetime occurrence from the extremists? The war on terror goes on, billions and billions and billions wasted while the rest of the world is left ignored. Russia grows in global influence. China continues to build its economic power and ignores rules that slow growth. Castro claims communism does not work for Cuba. The madman in North Korea is about to hand power over to his western-educated son. Africa is but a footnote except for the exciting pirates. Mexico is in a state of chaos, but all we hear is about terrorism. People are still starving all over the world, over-population continues, oil shortage will be a problem very soon. And the global economy is still a mess. It was a tragic event in 2001, so unexpected that it propelled our fears to heights of response never seen before in the history of the world. A response that involved invasion of two sovereign nations and countless others turned upside-down. Sure we are rid of Saddam, but the Taliban survives and divides both Afghanistan and Pakistan. We ignored what others were saying and instead focused on the worst case scenario:  nuclear attack by irrational terrorists. It is no rationalization, no cause, and no pretext. If today we thought the same thing, we would be invading countries left and right. FDR said the only thing to fear is fear itself. Bush and now Obama use the fear to continue this understanding that we are being attacked by an invisible enemy. They are, but not just in Iraq and Afghanistan. The whole world did not pause while we attacked the terrorists. The world moved on in directions unknown because our global presence has been weakened and our foresight limited. This has been a strategic mistake, an operational mess, and a tactical failure. There is no time to waste. Such an embarrassment that we are in a frenzy over inconsequential building plans and the goofy actions of a lunatic Floridian. A new plan must be put in place so that we can remember that the world is far too vast for a tiny group of fanatics to take up so much of our time and energy.


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