The objective of “That’s What I Believe” is to explore the potential of conversations between people who are interested in new ideas and the advancement of old. By challenging each other’s thoughts and opinions, we hope to better understand the origin of beliefs. Many people often take the opinion of someone else as their own in order to save time and energy. Even though many of us are no longer in school, that is no reason we cannot continue our education.

The concept is progress, not perfection. Conversation is not a born ability, but a skill developed over time. It used to be the only way people learned and there is no reason why we cannot maximize the benefits of shared conversation today.

Episode 25 – Uncertain plans with Rahul

From the streets of Bangalore, India to Erie, Pennsylvania, Rahul discusses cultural differences, the ease at which many become con artists, and overall living in the present to enjoy life the most.

Episode 21 – Musical guest Tommy Link

“Dylanesque” singer and guitar player discusses music, plays some songs, and the writing process.

Episode 16 – Closing the Paradigm

Episode 15 – On the Road

Episode 14 – Paradigm of Success

Episode 7 – A Galactic View, Often

Filmmaker Paul Devlin discusses his documentaries on the cosmos, rock ‘n roll, and the power crisis in the country of Georgia.

Episode 5 – Peter Coyote & Terry Bisson

Actor and writer Peter Coyote sit down along with science fiction writer Terry Bisson to discuss travel, cultural changes through time, E.T., and life in general.


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