DSCF1759The big rocks out there sit unmoved by the elements because nobody has figured out a way to move them or cared to try. Most paths are obstructed by one thing or another. When shooting across the highways of the world, it’s rare to come across a stop sign. Rareness implies¬†occurrence¬†though and means more for hope than almost any other word. For why give up on anything if there’s a chance that it might happen?

An experienced traveler and friend of the big names of the late Sixties quotes Dylan, “he said what many of us had on our minds, that “When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose…You’re invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal…How does it feel…How does it feel…To be on your own…With no direction home…Like a complete unknown…Like a rolling stone?”

His learned years included decades that most of us will never experience. Isn’t it always neat to accept another person’s point of view? Another sage of the road said, “you’re better off going on a walk, finding some rock to sit on, and thinking for yourself what the best course of action is.” He knew from his years of the many opinions out there and seeking in others assistance to make decisions may or may not be useful. Support can only go so far. The ultimate decider, as our previous Commander-in-chief termed, has a tough task of figuring out what to do. Teamwork helps. People to people interaction is necessary, but not always available.

Sometimes those big rocks will never be moved and were never meant to disappear from where they sit. Still there’s a chance, especially if enough people work together. When alone, the only path forward is to go around what’s in front of you. It may not be appealing. It might sound a little like giving up, but it’s moving…

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