The Journey

The Journey to the West begins on a Tuesday

“There are two different ladders. One of the ladders is straight old Judeo-Christian ladder with Charlton Heston at the top of it with a big beard and everybody’s trying to climb this ladder and kiss God’s ass; and always the people to blame are these people down there living in their Buick. As where over here, there’s this other ladder. And it’s all wiggly and taped together and Dr. Seuss looking ladder, going up to the clouds, you don’t know where it’s going, but everybody that’s on this ladder knows that they’re not on that ladder. We aspire to different things. And this is our salvation because we don’t know where we are going. These other people are certain where they’re going and they’ll never get there. We don’t know where we are going, so we don’t know when we’re not there. But, I know this: that everybody if they are going to be mature, they have to have a run. They’re going to have to make a run outside of their little family circle. Or they have to go somewhere and do something. Then they can come back and they’re whole. If you don’t sow a few wild oats, you don’t raise any oats.” – Ken Kesey

Attributed to 2001 documentary Rubber Tramps.  Created by Max Koetter, Kenny Rosen, Sam Taybi, Brett Beardslee, Jamie Trueblood