The Lantern To Cut Friday Print Edition

Published Apr 28th, 2009 for The Lantern.

More than three years ago, The Lantern cut circulation from 28,000 to 15,000. Last summer the paper ended its print publication, and in fall 2009, the Friday print edition will be eliminated.

Ohio State is not the first university to do this. Syracuse, Minnesota, Alabama, Texas Christian and Utah cut their Friday editions to save money.

“Friday has always been a slow advertising day and slow distribution day because of the decreased activity on campus,” said John Milliken, general manager of The Lantern. “The current economic conditions across the board are affecting all businesses.”

The Web site will be redesigned and the Friday edition will be published online. There will be more multimedia with news and the navigation of the site will be made much simpler.

“There’s an increased focus of online multimedia,” Milliken said. “It is becoming the norm instead of the exception in the journalism industry.”

To make up for the cut, administrators are considering special weekend editions of the newspaper to cover events such as graduation and home football games, said Tom O’Hara, adviser to The Lantern.

“The online product will have the same strength and value of a print edition,” Milliken said.

An account-by-account analysis conducted by the business staff at the newspaper showed that Friday advertisement sales could comfortably shift to Thursday.

The Business Office for The Lantern is also undergoing change. Five new positions at the office were filled in the past few weeks and two more are being sought for fall.

“If you don’t try something new, you’re never going to grow,” Milliken said. “A lot of what’s going to be new in media is probably going to grow out of university environments.”

During the upcoming summer, The Lantern’s multimedia room is undergoing remodeling to better equip students with the technology used in online coverage.

Other recent changes include the incorporation of the Arts & Entertainment section into a weekly edition called btw.

“Students are finding a niche for it and we’ve had a steady advertisement growth since it started April 1,” Milliken said.

Milliken has been the business manager of The Lantern since January and brings 30 years of experience in the newspaper business.

“The primary benefit is to give our students an opportunity for online publication to better prepare themselves for work in the news industry,” Milliken said. “It helps us to concentrate on being a better news supplier for campus.”