The Word

When it happens, when you feel it coming, when you know it is there, the only thing left to worry about is the now. The now, the present, is only fully realized at that moment when you are ready to accept that which you see and believe. They say that human beings have a reaction time delayed to that which actually happens. But I have heard that it is possible to get closer to that moment when you are close to the moment. The trick is not easy to explain, as I have not come to that point of pure acceptance of the now.

The once and future king may have at one point. In those moments of understanding the energy flows of the world around are when it seems like it is most likely to come to an end. Balance is an appropriate term to describe the handling of reality. Yet the term reality has been raped in our time with television using it to improve ratings and schools using it to justify the delay shackles of students. Balance must be. For without balance, the ability to see it all and not lose it, you snap at the first sign of trouble. Balance can also be defined as a moderation of it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly misfortune of unexpected events. Balance can allow you the ability to live a full life, free of the fear created by all the evil, and appreciative of the goodness of man.

Choose well. And be well. There are rules out there to regulate every action. Does it not come down to an overall respect of that which you see? And when you know what you see and understand the meaning of the sight, there should be no excuse for ignorance. No excuse for being unthinking or unwilling to live for others. For, why not say one day: “I have lived for all, and all have lived for me.”

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