Proof of life

How often is there a proof of life? We all go through tough circumstances from time to time and our dealings with them demonstrate our courage and vitality. Some battles cannot be won no matter how much effort we put into them. Even when defeat is certain, there is always some ground that can be gained to inspire those to fight with all their might in the future battles that come. Our resolve to continue on no matter the hardship is what life is all about. None of us would be here had it not been for those of the past who pressed on through the chaos of history. When all is said and done, people will remember.

So much is built upon the actions of those who did not live to see their dreams come true, yet we stand here today in testament to them. How do we show our gratitude? We must share our kindred spirits with all and carry on the goodness for as long as we breathe. In this sense we are connected from the beginning of time to this gift of life that has shaped our world and everything in it. There is no perfection. There has never been.

But with some people, it seems that with them we have come ever closer to understanding what it means to live life in the manner deserving of it. We try to improve ourselves through prayer and meditation, seeking support from the celestial accolades of a higher power. The evidence of things not seen has always been and will forever be ourselves.

We have each other. We have love. We are still here.

Far too often we fail to acknowledge this connection and hesitate to embrace what we have. Each day is a gift for every person and from cradle to grave we experience critical seconds that give meaning to our existence beyond that of standard comprehension. If we truly want an answer to the question, then we must also know why we seek it. There is joy in this world. Sadness, anger, fear, temptation, regret, and countless other emotions sprout forward on a daily basis, yet we still wonder if there is something more. That is only natural as a beginnings lead to endings and the not knowing is dreadful to any who appreciate a good story.

We may never have an answer. However, we do have something beyond describable significance that should dwarf any and all concern: life. Every breath, a scientific miracle, states the obvious: what we have is so precious, so unique, that there must be a reason. We shall never know why, nor should we really. The adventure of what comes after life should be no more dwelled upon than that which proceeded life. The difference is that one who has lived carries a spirit that can be passed on by those who were touched by its innocuous flame.

Providing light is the most magnificent capability imaginable. Many reach this point earlier than they would otherwise expect and hope for more time. We are all timeless when it comes down to it and as one generation rises and another falls, the great spirits persist to invigorate the best in us all. We can’t help but wonder what comes next. Nobody has figured it for certain yet.

We are still here though. We have today. We have. We.

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