washed-up too soon? NO!

“If you go to the Buddhist meditation center, they make you taste each bite of food, so it takes two hours—it’s horrible—to eat your lunch! But you’re conscious of the taste of food! If you’re just eating out of habit, then you don’t taste the food and you’re not conscious of the reality of what’s happening to you. You enter the dream world again.” – Andre Gregory

Large disillusioned masses flock to city squares with little to no agenda and are often criticized for being so stubborn within the myth of participatory democracy. “Occupy a job,” so many will say with absolute resolve. Maybe we are witnessing the stages of grief of a people promised far too much by the American Dream. There is no way that everyone is on the same stage and therefore they have difficulty understanding each other.

Shock and denial that things have gotten to this point; they feel it will recover regardless of new leadership or worse believe it depends upon the upcoming elections. Others who do not believe this turn to pain and guilt. Being 2012, the world is quite chaotic and ominous, maybe more so than any other time, although probably just like any other year. When people begin to see what is really going on or see the system as broken, they turn to anger and bargaining. Yelling, protesting, resolutions, and all the other emotions at peak capacity are followed by a crash into depression under the impression that nothing will change.

Press on! It is the only way to break free from this despair, things start to get better, we begin to work through our collective problems, and then finally we accept the system and creative rules of the game to make things better for everyone. Seems easy enough and why not? There’s no reason to complicate everything or assume that most people are just wrong. Experience and education vary from nothing to too much. Many cannot even have a simple conversation on the world without reverting to “it’s just too complex to talk about, let’s talk about what was on the television last night or the weather.”just a man pointing at the horizon

Sometimes you have to find a new scene in order to see things more clearly. Remember one thing though. You bring you wherever you go. Changing your scene should not be thought of as an escape but instead as a way to better understand yourself under different circumstances. Everything is evolving regardless of where you are at the present moment. Generalizations, which are often regrettably used in this and many previous posts, can be dangerous unless you are willing to go and see for yourself if what you are saying is valid. Consciousness of the world is great. Do not take it personal though. Even if you were not part of the equation, most of it would remain the same. Since you are part of it, take a moment and talk about it with a friend sooner rather than later.

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