Well it makes you feel good

Tony Robbins will go on about theĀ 8 million people who he has conversed with in a rhythm beyond motivation. The why. What’s your why? There’s endless facets to what drives a person toward achievement and understanding of self-worth. Together with the right people some interesting things are going to happen. Instead of this vague philosophy of what is right and true, why not move forward with some drive into an adventure of the heart?

The life experience has no howto guide beyond an individual’s experience and unique point of view.

PleasedToMeetYouHopeYouGuessedMyNameFigure out the controls and see those who are there with you and harness the collective energy to make this whole game worth while. There’s no reason to go all four quarters at a jogging pace and even less of a reason to sprint alone.

The greatest feeling at the top of a mountain can only be shared with someone who was there at that moment. Why not go up together so that we can infinitely believe in what we’re capable of?

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