What’s to come

The preparations for the journey:  suitcase & backpack.  Compression.  Travel light.  Move quick.  Decisions made easy.  For one week, the road will show many things, many national parks and crater canyons.  So much has changed over the years when it comes to travel and convenience.  Complex technological devices that can fit into the palm of your hand make for great distractions when all else seems mundane.  I highly doubt the road will be boring.  Every forest, every field, every river and pond, every desert, every everything has something to offer.  There are those who sleep though the journey (understandable to sleep through a windowless flight though).  Treat it as a lucid dream during which ideas and inspirations spread from place to place and ear to ear, lip to lip, all the while with interesting moments of truth and virtue.  Take the elevator to the top or climb the mountain?

+44° 55' 13.65", -110° 26' 43.10" after a long day with Tower ambulance driving back to the ranger station

For all the states and all the drivers plates, I expect to bring back an original concept that will set the foundation for the book.  The book that contributed to my eviction.  The book that pushed my limits to exhaustion and mad contempt.  Now refocused, I travel not to seek the answer or the reason, but to add some flavor and hope to the story without an end.  New business card, new boots, new color, new vibe, new mind.  Anything is possible.  Live a real life, dream no longer of life, just be.

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