Why is integrity rare?

We learn to love only though personal interaction. That means face to face conversation and consistent trust in each other. This writer wrote something the other day that really freaked people out. Some found the piece to be honest and unmerciful. Others interpreted the words to be a “call out for help.” After re-reading the piece, this writer agrees that it was not well written. It was confusing, trite, and did more harm than good. Was it the wrong thing to write? No.

CoverWriting is about being right and true. If the writer believes what they are doing at the moment a thought goes from their head to the paper or the keyboard or whatever else records the words, then it does not matter how it is read. Writing is for the writer. Reading is for the reader. There will always be misinterpretations, which is why so many writers go mad. This one will not because it is no longer original to go mad.

Keep in mind, that this form of writing is not where the best works are. Anything published online is suspect to weak writing. Science has proven that online interaction is counterproductive to true relationships. If we really care about the facts and hope for a better tomorrow than today, then the only option is to get off of these computers and smart phones. They are destroying lives and we are not recognizing this aspect of a tool that was conned to us as a communication enhancement, but in reality is taking us away from each other. We come through evolution. We live through experience. We are not meant to be in constant contact with each other. But if we do care to figure out what is going on in another human’s mind, then go physically see them.

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