You Don’t Know JaC LLC

You Don't Know JaC
You Don’t Know JaC, LLC

You will soon enough. In the coming weeks, JAC Communications will incorporate under the name “You Don’t Know JaC LLC” and launch a series of events in Cleveland, Washington, and New York. The first goal of this new effort will be to thread together this site, Open Door Rapport, Paper Campfire, and Wild Harmony. From there, we’ll be able to move forward with the 2013 networking plan and assist in the further development of volunteer adventurism, community service, and the 2014¬†triathlon¬†from the southernmost part of Argentina to the northernmost part of Brazil.

The secondary goal is to execute on the mission statement: to assist you with the right people, places, and things. Whether it be a year-long campaign or a one day revision of your online presence, JAC Communications is dedicated to the enhancement of our interconnected communities. Network development today is available in many forms, but is also inundated with the digital overload of social media. In order to maximize efficiency and not waste your time, JAC Communications will tailor fit a public relations strategy to your specific needs. is the personal blog of the proprietor of “You Don’t Know JaC” and documents events in Yellowstone National Park, which became the foundation for Wild Harmony.

Open Door Rapport is the host site for the “That’s What I Believe” podcast and development grounds for collaborative writing and promotion with the 2012 Wild Harmony Book Tour.

Paper Campfire, or the Campfire, is an online community magazine still under development.

JAC Communications is a full service group dedicated to enhancing your network through resume assistance, mentor matchmaking, website management, civic journalism, and public relations. Stay tuned for updates and visit some of the sites mentioned above. (future podcast networking partner)

Grassroots Volunteering (future podcast and networking partner)

Temporary card...seeking feedback
Temporary card…seeking feedback


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